Friday, April 8, 2011

"Just Because..." Hunt 2011

"Just Because..." I'm bored and wanting some excitement, I've decided to hide a DOZEN colored eggs around the parcel on which [ E l l i e ' s  A t t i c ] sits.... and call it a HUNT! 

Not sure yet how long I will leave them out but it is safe to say they will be there AT LEAST through Sunday, April 17th.  They are available to ANYONE to buy for L$10, so tell all your friends to come hunt as well! Are they easy to find??? Not necessarily. They're not very big either. (No whining; they're only L$10!!)  Oh... and I will move them around, too. So don't get any wise ideas about telling everyone you know where they are. Chances are they won't be in the same spot when your friends show up.   ::::::evil grin:::::: 

I will also be putting out (in-store only) more group gifts at random... "Just Because".  (They may or may not stay out 'til the end of the month even though the eggs get put away shortly after the 17th.)

   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   

Want to know if it's worth your time, trouble, and L$10? You be the judge. 
Here's what's inside the eggs:

1/12:  "Sweet Swim" Ltd. ~  Silver LOTUS one-piece swim suit (Not Yet Released)

2/12: "Taking Flight" Upper Back Tattoo (Never Released)

3/12: "Caged Heart" Silks Set ~ "HOPE" (lilac colors w/ silver) (created for Pacific Crisis Fundraiser)

4/12: "Heart -n- Soul" Lower Back Tattoo (Never Released)

5/12:  "Sheer Seduction" Plunge Dress in Turquoise (Limited Edition, created for Relay for Life); "Timeless Vision" Eyes (created for Timeless Treasures Hunt) 

6/12:  "My Voodoo Doll": Hand-Held, Scripted (1 of 8 free versions created for Bourbon St. Debauchery Hunt, in collaboration with master scripter Kohl Staheli of Second Xstasy)

7/12: "Breathe" Wall Decal; "For the Birds" Audial Parcel Ambiance (Pine Cone with bird sounds); SunCatcher 2B (1 of 6 currently available)

8/12: "Layla" Skins/Shape/Brow base (3 makeups) 

9/12: "Syn`-wen" Fantasy Female Avatar (shapes, skins, eyes, hair, etc.) (Never Released) 

10/12: [[Wicked]] Male Fantasy Skin 1A and Fantasy Eyes 1A (Never Released); "Maverick" Male Shape (created for Timeless Treasures Hunt) 

11/12: "Bella" Skins/Shape/Brow ~ "SAND" (3 tones with light brows) 

12/12:  "Ava" Skins, Shape, Eyes, Brow base (Not Yet Released)  

   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★   ☆   ★  
Don't forget, too, that there are Lucky Boards, a Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania and Mini-Mania in the new, EXPANDED Attic!  Going to be waiting a couple days to switch the gifts out on those...  then randomly change those throughout April, too.

Good Luck ..... and ENJOY!!! XOXOXO

~ Ellie (and Addy, too!) ~

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